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Shot at the crown

absent-minded dreaming while awake

shot, crown, absent-minded, dreaming, #while, awake

Seven Days A Week

Bienvenue sur le forum de Seven Days a Week, passez du bon temps parmi nous!

urgence, grey's, anatomy, saving, hope, médical, city, alexis, bledel, noah, #while, michael, shanks

SMB:C temporary forum

Backup forum for SMB:Collaboration while waiting for the other to work again.

smb:c, temporary, forum, backup, collaboration, #while, waiting, other, work, again

Home of the Los Angeles Police Department - LAPD Online

Consistent with our motto, “to protect and to serve”, The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to serving the community while protecting the rights of all persons. (YBN: COS - GTA 5)

lapd, intranet, département, police, angeles

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